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Hessian Easter March Rally, 1983

Bonn - Friedensmarsch gestoppt.jpg
Newspaper clipping from a report on the CNVA demonstration in Bonn, West Germany in August, 1961. The title in German reads "'Friedensmarch' gestoppt" which translates as "'Peace March' stopped" and the accompanying photo is of three West German…

Hessian Easter March Rally, April 1963

1848 National Assembly in the Frankfurt Paulskirche, 1848

CNVA Peace Walk in the Soviet Union.jpg
Newspaper photo of the CNVA Peace Walk in the Soviet Union in the fall of 1961. The caption in German reads "The thirty remaining participants in the "peace march" from San Francisco to Moscow recently arrived in the Soviet capital. Our picture…


CNVA Moscow.jpg
Photo of the CNVA demonstration in Moscow.


CNVA News Flash East Germany.jpg
News Flash newsletter publication from the CNVA about the peace walk.


Dortmund-Brackel Protest.jpg
Newspaper article about the CNVA protest demonstration at the British missile base in Dortmund-Brackel in early August, 1961. This was one of four demonstrations carried out by CNVA members in West Germany. The protestors exercised civil…


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